Rely on Emergency Dentist for 24-hour emergency dental care

Time seems to move at an excruciatingly slow pace when you are dealing with dental emergency. Dental emergencies include painful tooth that needs root canal treatments, an emergency extraction or accidents or trauma involving your teeth or mouth. If you develop unbearably sharp pain from any of the above dental emergencies, you need emergency dental treatment. It is advisable to seek dental treatment to improve the chance of saving the teeth or tooth and preventing infections becoming or occurring more serious. Emergency dentist services are meant to deal with serious dental issues that cannot wait until regular office hours.

Emergency dental clinics are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and treat dental emergencies outside of business hours.

Some emergency dental requirements

There are a few dental emergencies which would warrant a visit to the emergency dentist. Below are some problems that require immediate specialised professional attention to help save your teeth or fixtures from damage.

  • Toothache

Decay or infection of the nerve, gum infection or wisdom tooth growing out can cause toothache. You need to consult emergency dentist to undergo root canal treatment or remove the tooth. This way you can prevent the condition from worsening.

  • Damaged Tooth

Accident or trauma can damage your teeth severely. You can save your tooth even if it is knocked out by visiting the emergency dentist on time. Emergency dentists are there to treat you late night or during public holidays.

  • Broken Tooth

You are certain to experience excruciating pain if you have cracked, broken or dislodged teeth. This can be very discomforting dental emergency that need to be attended immediately. It is best to have the broken tooth looked at as early as possible. Emergency Dentist will be able to remedy or assist your emergency dental needs and help go through the options to save your tooth.


Dental emergencies require quick action to relieve pain and ensure best possible outcome for your dental health. It is not advisable to ignore pains and aches that come from your mouths. Dental pain doesn’t often subside and can even cause long term damage. Emergency dental clinics in Sydney are open on Saturdays and Sundays, giving you the autonomy you need to be seen on your schedule.

Emergency Dental Care in Sydney

Many a time we are suffered with dental emergencies that require immediate attention. Issues like lost crown, broken teeth, swollen gums, broken denture and infected tooth can crop up at any time of the day. These issues can get worse, if not attended in time. What if you experience excruciating toothache or any dental discomfort during the night or public holidays?


Here the role of emergency dentist comes through for you. Professional emergency dentist can treat your dental problem quickly and effectively.  They render complete peace of mind within seconds. Continue reading

Preventing Dental Mishaps; Tips to Avoid Critical Dental Emergencies

If you’ve ever experienced a dental emergency, you can easily tell how painful and frightening they can be.

Dental emergencies are instantaneous and unpredictable with the potential to cause serious damage if not treated immediately. But that doesn’t mean you have to sit at home and wait for one to strike you.

While there are several emergency dentists and clinics out there that provide dental care and service beyond business hours, it always better to be able to prevent them in the first place that to deal with eventually.

So, here are some easy yet careful tips and steps you can consider during activities that are most vulnerable to dental emergencies.

Around home

  • Use safety gates, closet latches and corner guards to help avoid falls and other accidents, common among children, which cause teeth injury like broken and knocked out tooth.
  • Indulge in healthy dental habits like brushing and flossing to maintain good oral health and hygiene and a sparkling smile.
  • Avoid foods that are quite chewy or hard like pretzels, gums and candies in order to treat your teeth to easy mild food.

Dental care

  • If you’ve recently received a dental treatment or have one ongoing like root canal, filing or dental crown and bridge, Follow proper care guidelines as advised by your dentist to avoid complications down the road.
  • Even if you haven’t ever had a dental procedure done before, visit your dentist once in a while to detect issues with your teeth if any.


  • When participating in sport and athletic activities or any vigorous, consider wearing a mouth-guard and helmet to allow maximum protection for your teeth and mouth.

Emergency dental service

Considering the fact that dental emergencies can occur any time, anywhere, it is important to keep a professional emergency dentist’s contact or clinic information handy so that you’ll have to bear minimum discomfort and damage.

Treating immediate dental mishaps has become easier today with the help of dental professionals and clinics who work outside business hours to provide safe and instant dental assistance to the needy people. However, it is necessary that you have the contact and address of a certified dental emergency clinic at your fingertips

So, keep these tips in mind and reduce the risks of dental emergencies.

This Is Why You Must Have a Dental Emergency Contact on Your Phone

Have you often been complaining about toothache that keeps you from eating and sleeping properly? Did you undergo a dental treatment lately or are you seeing your wisdom teeth coming through? Be aware, you might fall victim to dental emergencies.

Even if you never really have experienced poor oral hygiene or have a track record that indicates your engagement in dental problems, situations calling for immediate dental care may strike you at any time of the day.

Being in contact with an emergency dentist pays!

There are numerous oral injuries and dental ailments. While some like minor fracture, cracked or knocked out teeth, bleeding gums and tooth decay can wait until normal business hours of your practitioner, others including the likes of severe tooth pain, bruising, displaced tooth and lost filling may require emergency treatment.

So, with numerous oral injuries and issues, you can’t tell which dental condition may occur as an emergency at what time of the day or night. Trying to tackle an unfortunate problem affecting your teeth will only add to further discomfort and complications.

And, that is why, it is advised to already be in touch of a certified emergency dentist or know of a reliable 24/7 dental clinic that can provide you with immediate assistance.

Care for your teeth

Once you lose a tooth (or teeth), it will only grow back once. Damage to the permanent teeth may mean an undesired change in your facial appearance, speech, oral habits/practices and lifestyle. Hence, it is important to avoid making wrong decisions around your oral health and care and be absolutely prepared for dental emergencies.

With the contact of a professional emergency dentist in Sydney at your fingertips, you can access immediate and expert attention out of business hours. Not only can your survive a sudden mouth injury or accident with an experienced dentist who is available beyond regular clinical hours, but you will save yourself severe potential complications.

So, have a 24/7 dental care at your fingertips and be the protector of your own smile, your family’s oral health.

You Never Know When You May Need To Call An Emergency Dentist!!

A dental emergency like a knocked-out tooth or bleeding gums must be addressed only by a dentist. If it’s an odd hour and the pain is unbearable even after taking pain killers, then prompt medical attention is required in order to save a tooth, or to prevent the infection to spread further. In such cases, one must follow the instructions below, before placing an appointment with the emergency dentist:

  • Clean the mouth thoroughly by gently rinsing with warm water
  • In case of a tooth fracture, use ice pack on that area to avoid the swelling
  • Take acetaminophen and use it as per the directions
  • Remember, not to apply pain killer lotions to the infected or damaged area as it might damage the tissues

Know The Dental Emergencies To Avoid Further Complications:

Injuries like punctured wounds and lacerations are considered to be a tissue related problem, and of course a dental emergency. Also, address the issues like bleeding, severe pain, accidental injuries, swelling or knots in the gums to your dentist.

Remember to describe the exact problem to him/her if you feel any kind of irritation while eating sweet things or drinking something cold. Having pain quite often while chewing and biting something? Well, you are probably having an abscessed tooth.

In all such cases, you must arrange the contact details of the local emergency dentists from the internet or any telephonic service and get it treated as soon as possible!

Emergency dentist

How to Stay Prepared For a Dental Emergency?

  • Maintaining oral hygiene
  • Wearing helmet and mouth guard while playing rough sports like Rugby, cricket, or football as injuries might occur anytime
  • Go for a regular dental check-up before going on a tour
  • Also, for the worst case scenario one should be prepared with:
    • A dental first aid kit, having a small container with lid, Gauze, handkerchief
    • And of course the telephone number of an emergency dentist in Sydney.

Don’t Live With Dental Problems; Get Them Treated by An Emergency Dentist!

Periodontal irritations may strike at any time of the day without knocking, and unbearable pain, lack of concentration and sometimes an unpleasant sense of taste may drive you nuts. Emergency dentists can be life saviours in such conundrums.

Know your dental problems and their causes

Below are some of the common gum and teeth-related problems:







Red and swollen gums that bleed easily Smoking, aging, substance abuse, pregnancy, inadequate nutrition, hygiene etc.





Loose teeth, bad taste, spaces between teeth, swollen gums etc. Smoking, diabetes, genetics, drug abuse, hormonal change etc.
Tooth abrasion


Visible “abfraction lesions” over a period of time damaging the enamel, leaving a scooped-out area from the tooth surface Carbonated drinks, improper use of tooth jewellery
Tooth sensitivity


Toothache when exposed to sweet, sour or cold food, erosion of teeth enamel Gum disease, cracked teeth, age, teeth whitening products etc.
Broken braces Loose bands, loose braces, broken wire etc. Fidgeting, chewing sticky or hard food etc.
Dental trauma/injury Sensitivity to air and temperature, pain, fever, visible loss of enamel Accidents, tissue softening, crown fracture etc.
Broken crown/fillings/denture Pain, dislocation, bleeding Rough usage, biting hard substance, accident
Abscessed tooth Throbbing pain, salty taste, fever etc. Infection, food particles stuck in cavity
Cavity Tooth pain, visible hole in the tooth Lactobacillus acidophilus bacteria inside the cavity pit, plaque formation etc.

Do not avoid the issue

Some people avoid dental complications and find ways to procrastinate, hoping that these might get treated on their own. Just so you know, avoiding might lead to further irregularities like jaw pain, swelling of gums and calculus (tartar). Regular dental visits and the tips to maintain healthy teeth and gums may prevent these complications. However, if you are already suffering from dental problems, consulting an emergency dentist is highly recommended, especially during the wee hours.