How Prepared Are You and Your Child for a Dental Emergency?

Children like their lives dynamic and vigorous. That said, falls, trips, slips, and minor injuries come as no surprise to active little ones.

But, just because it is natural for young kids to fall and hurt themselves at times doesn’t mean parents don’t have to care much about their injuries and accidents. Some accidents or mishaps can occur at unexpected times like dental emergencies.

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Staying Prepared For the Worst by Following Basic Guidelines to Cure Dental Pain

Your happy mood can turn into a series of miserable events in no time when it comes to dental complications. The unbearable pain can lead to irritation and bad decisions causing long-term complications if not treated right.  Dental pain is so intense that it can even hinder you from approaching your local dentist to cure it, especially when the city is asleep or vacationing.


For dental injuries or chipped tooth

In case of dental injury or sudden pain caused by prolonged injection, make sure you adhere to emergency solutions. In worst case scenarios, you are highly advised to consult an emergency dentist who will guide you with temporary treatments. Unless you don’t have medical expertise or someone in your family isn’t a certified healthcare expert, avoiding drugs or self experiments is highly advisable.

Your emergency dentist will guide you about what medicines or natural treatments you can use to get rid of the pain or stop bleeding/swelling for the time being. Usually, an ice pack is used to stop the bleeding and control the swelling, or to use a sugar-free chewing gum to cover the vacant space. This will control the bleeding and lower the discomfort.

For infections and tissue injuries

Rinsing mouth with salted warm water is perhaps the best relief method used when it comes to pain caused by a prolonged infection. You can also use wet teabag to apply pressure on the area of concern.

This remedy is a bit sour, but lemons can provide relief from toothache to quite an extent. Lemons consist of high amount of citric acid and Vitamin C that supports immune system really well. Placing the chopped lemon pieces into sore areas will irritate a little but it’s helpful in hunting down the bacteria.

Ibuprofen plays a vital role in pain management, it suppress the pain for a specified duration, so the patient can relax till the next day. But you never know, if the drugs will suit your immune system of not. Hence, call an emergency dentist before taking any kind of painkiller.

If unable to control the pain or bleeding, call the emergency dentist near you and rush for treatment before the situation goes out of control.

Emergency dentists provides a solution during late nights and government holidays, everyone should have an emergency dentist’s number saved. Especially, if there are children around you who are prone to injuries and infections. Emergency services are available 24 hours, all you need to do is provide specific requirements and inform about medical history.

Relief is just a phone call away!

Visit the After Hour Dentist for Immediate Medical Attention!!

Accidents keep happening all around us, what steps you are taking to prevent losing a tooth is what makes the difference. For dental emergencies, it is advised to visit the dentist at the first place, however if it’s during an odd hour, then you need to figure out the best possible way to get yourself or your loved one treated.

Usually during the after hours, dentists reserve some time for emergency cases in their daily schedules, the first thing you can do is to call the dentist and provide as much details as you can about the complication. The dentist will guide you with certain precautionary measures and to do things like making use of icepack and taking effective painkillers.

Things to Do To Battle a Knocked Out Tooth

First basic step to battle a knocked out tooth is to keep it moist at all times, try to fix the tooth back to its socket and visit a doctor or else place it in milk. By doing so, your dentist would be able to fix it back in its place as it was and you might save money to get a replacement.

If it’s a baby tooth, finding it and heading towards the dentist would be a wise thing to do. The dentist will examine the chipped tooth and let you know if it’s the entire tooth or just a small part that has come out. If it’s the entire tooth then the dentist might look forward to implant it again.

An untreated dental situation might lead to many infections as the wound is most likely to become a breeding ground of bacteria. It causes, teeth sensitivity, regular bleeding of gums, bad breath or swelling. So to avoid the throbbing pain caused by a tooth injury, make sure to note down the contact details of the nearest after hour dentist.