Should you be worried If your child swallows toothpaste?

If you landed on this blog, you’re probably concerned about your child eating toothpaste.

Who wouldn’t be? Toothpaste isn’t something we are supposed to it. It is a chemical substance and should only be used to clean teeth. Right?

But, how much concerned should you be if your child swallows toothpaste? Does it affect your child’s health? How can you prevent your child from eating toothpaste? These are some questions that concerned parents find answers to.

emergency dentist

So, here we have gathered some factual information on the matter of children eating toothpaste.

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Emergency Dental Care in Sydney

Many a time we are suffered with dental emergencies that require immediate attention. Issues like lost crown, broken teeth, swollen gums, broken denture and infected tooth can crop up at any time of the day. These issues can get worse, if not attended in time. What if you experience excruciating toothache or any dental discomfort during the night or public holidays?


Here the role of emergency dentist comes through for you. Professional emergency dentist can treat your dental problem quickly and effectively.  They render complete peace of mind within seconds. Continue reading

How Prepared Are You and Your Child for a Dental Emergency?

Children like their lives dynamic and vigorous. That said, falls, trips, slips, and minor injuries come as no surprise to active little ones.

But, just because it is natural for young kids to fall and hurt themselves at times doesn’t mean parents don’t have to care much about their injuries and accidents. Some accidents or mishaps can occur at unexpected times like dental emergencies.

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Importance Of Maintaining Oral Hygiene To Prevent The Onset Of Dental Diseases

When we were younger, our parents have emphasized on the importance of oral hygiene and very often stopped us from eating sweet food. However, their lecture was always ignored and we did what we loved and ended up being in a misery of painful events during the nights. As we grew up we gradually realized the importance of maintaining a good oral hygiene as it leads to several infections and diseases.

Maintaining a good oral hygiene helps you maintain the whiteness of the teeth and prevent cavities and staining, thereby eliminating bad breath and odd taste. If you are looking forward for a healthier future, especially during old age then maintaining oral hygiene right from today should become your daily exercise. Continue reading

Importance Of Emergency Dental Care During Odd Hours To Treat The Unbearable Tooth Pain

Sometimes no matter how careful you are with your health and how regularly you schedule your dental appointments, accidents might occur at any hour of time. In such situations, people start to panic and often take wrong steps and try to treat themselves with minimum knowledge about pain management. Hence, it’s extremely important to have contact details of an emergency dentist saved in your phone or address book. In case of injuries or tooth pain caused by prolonged tooth infection, your emergency dentist will help you maintain calm and make wise decisions based on the symptoms.

Through emergency consultation the dentist will guide you over the phone to manage the pain on a temporary basis, however if the pain if unbearable and requires immediate medical attention, you will have to head towards the emergency dentist’s clinic where a team of medical professional will be prepared to operate the infected or affected area.


The reason can be anything; it is all about how and when you are treating the affected area. Some people try to cure themselves using ice pack, painkillers like aspirin on the affected area which can be dangerous, so getting the right information from right dentist is something to be considered as supreme importance. Just like any other part of the body, your oral health is directly related to overall health. Teeth pain can cause headaches and bleeding which if not addressed can become a nightmare during non-working hours.

Our facility has an answering service to attend calls after office hours as well and we keep our online activities updated in order to spread awareness among all the people of Sydney about dental emergencies.

Make sure to follow up with your dental appointments and save emergency dentists’ number on your address book today. You never know when you or anyone around you might require medical attention during offline hours.

Remember, teeth pain is a symptom of a problem but not the problem. If you continue to cure the pain yourself just for the time being then there is probability that you might require emergency dental attention in future.

Staying Prepared for The Worst by Keeping Emergency Dentist’s Number Handy

It extremely important to know what kind of situation requires immediate dental attention, people usually ignore their dental health until the situation gets alarming and they battle unbearable pain. Its important not only for yourself but for the family, especially when you have children playing around you. At a tender age you should expect injuries at any time. Moreover, children love eating chocolates and other sweet things making them prone to toothache. Some oral complications might require immediate dental treatment whereas minor situations can be addressed at the very moment.

Need of an Emergency Dentist

Apart from sudden trauma to the teeth, sometimes mouth injuries can cause broken tooth r knocked out teeth, which can be a result of accident, sports related injury, sudden blow on the jaw, or biting a hard piece of food. If such situations occur and you feel the need to get immediate treatment done, do not hesitate in contacting your nearest emergency dentist.

Role of an Emergency Dentist

He/she will assist you in the non-working hours after understanding the symptoms, if the dentist feels that the trauma isn’t that severe, he/she will guide you to perform home-based treatment until he/she resume to normal working hours. In the worst case scenarios, a team of healthcare professionals will be addressing you at the dentist’s workplace and it will be treated as soon as possible.

How to Avoid Dental Complications

It’s always advised to take care of your teeth because your oral health is directly related to other medical conditions. Toothaches can cause severe headaches and fever, hence taking care of certain things will help you avoid emergency dental care:

  • Choose a customized mouth guard if you are a sports professional
  • Maintain your oral health and avoid sweet food
  • Brush your teeth slowly in a circular pattern
  • Make use of mouthwash at least twice a day
  • Minimise smoking and fast food intake
  • Avoid soda-based drinks and excessive use of toothpicks

If you every feel the need of an emergency dentist, then dial the emergency number and follow the instructions given by the answering machine. If none of this works, then be prepared to note down the numbers of emergency dentists in your vicinity. Prevention is better than cure, stay healthy and take your dental health seriously just like any other part of the body.