How Prepared Are You and Your Child for a Dental Emergency?

Children like their lives dynamic and vigorous. That said, falls, trips, slips, and minor injuries come as no surprise to active little ones.

But, just because it is natural for young kids to fall and hurt themselves at times doesn’t mean parents don’t have to care much about their injuries and accidents. Some accidents or mishaps can occur at unexpected times like dental emergencies.

From bleeding gums to a cracked or lost tooth, a dental emergency can cause discomfort and trouble for both the child and parents. With a little preparation and basic knowledge of emergency care, however, you can not only deal with an emergency efficiently but prevent the problem from causing any permanent oral damage.

Have a Dental First Aid Kit in Place

When preparing for emergency dental care for kids, first aid kit is a great place to start with. Just as in a standard first aid kit, the following items must be included in the box:

  • Gauze pads
  • Bandages
  • Pain reliever
  • Mouthwash
  • Cold compress or ice pack
  • A small cup
  • A tooth storage device and fluid

Sometimes a dental visit isn’t necessary and DIY treatment can do for the given dental emergency. Just make sure your emergency kit is quickly accessible so that you can aid your child immediately should the emergency occur.

What to do when a dental emergency occur?

A dental emergency can easily agitate the suffering child as well as parents, especially when the child has dental fear.

For any dental emergency it is important to visit your paediatric dentist to determine the cause and find the optimal solution. However, before you ask for emergency help, it is advisable to do the following:

  • Stay calm and do not panic. Kids can get easily scared following a dental emergency especially when the grown-ups around them are nervous themselves.
  • If suspect a tooth injury in your child, check for bleeding, swelling and damage before calling emergency help.
  • To avoid further pain and damage or control the situation before you reach your emergency dentist, use first aid kit, if helpful.
  • If first aid doesn’t help much, visit the after-hours dentist immediately.

Be Prepared

It is recommended to always have an emergency dental contact on your phone whether your child is already dealing with a dental condition or not. Though any emergency dentist would offer service beyond work hours, it is important to find a paediatric dentist near your place so that immediate help cold be provided in case of a critical situation. A qualified emergency dentist would not only aid you should an emergency occur but also help you and your child prepare well for dental emergencies.

Final Word

Be it a tooth infection or broken tooth, prompt attention and treatment from a professional paediatric dentists can help your child recover from an emergency fast and avoid further potential damage.

Quick and appropriate action on the part of parents also plays a vital role in getting a child the immediate help they need in case of an emergency. As said earlier, a little attention and knowledge about emergency care can go a long way to restore your child’s dental health.


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