Oral Health and Maintenance Tips: Dental Care for the Elderly

Ageing is a natural process that makes the body undergo several changes. These changes not only affect your lifestyle but they make it difficult to keep up your health and routine care habits.

The teeth and mouth are one of the most common parts to fall victim to the changes in the body associated with ageing. So, caring for the teeth and mouth as you age becomes an inevitable health concern.

In order to help you maintain good oral health as you get older, here we have a few dental care tips and considerations for the elderly.

Regular maintenance

It may be easy for a senior to care less about their oral health and hygiene owning to their frailty and other ailments. However, routine brushing and flossing is just as important for a senior as it is for a kid. It is advised to brush and floss after every meal and not just twice a day to get rid of bacteria and food particles.

Fluoride is not just for kids

Seniors are reported to be at high risk of cavities, decay and periodontal disease and hence daily use of fluoride is necessitated. Whether you have a cavity or concerned about tooth decay in general, your dentist may prescribe you a high-fluoride toothpaste or gel or even give you a clinical fluoride treatment based on your condition.

Ward off dry mouth

Dry mouth is common condition faced by the elderly not necessarily because of ageing but owing to their ongoing medications or a chronic condition. It can increase your risk for cavities and decay dramatically affecting the gums. While you can easily treat dry mouth by increasing your water intake, chewing gums and using a moisturising mouthwash, seeing a dentist is the best option if you suspect medication to be the real cause.

No matter how old you grow, a healthy, sparkling smile is desirable at any age. Following the above mentioned tips and making required changes to your routine dental care as your body changes can a long way to keep a carefree smile for life.

Moreover, having emergency care at your fingertips can be very helpful if you are already dealing with dental ailments. An emergency dentist can provide your immediate assistance and treatment beyond office hours to prevent potential damage and risks.