Fighting Dental Foes: 5 Ways to Prevent Acid Tooth Erosion

Just as the skin covers and protects everything inside your body from infectious organisms and harmful foreign substances, our teeth have a tough, protective coating too. Not only the hard covering protects your teeth but it also shields the sensitive dentine underneath.

Unfortunately, many of us fail to take good care of our tooth enamel, making prone to enamel erosion and cavities. Consumption of acidic drinks and foods like wine, coffee, and citrus fruits on a regular basis and vomiting and reflux that cause stomach acids to enter your mouth, can be blamed to erode away the tooth enamel.

One may not be able to perceive the effects of acid erosion, but in the long-term, enamel erosion may significantly affect your dental health and hygiene. Don’t let this happen to you or close ones.

Mentioned below are some handy, everyday tips that can help you prevent enamel erosion and promote good oral health.

  • Reduce the consumption of acidic foods and drinks. If necessary, have your soft drinks, soda and other acidic foods during meals.
  • On a diet? No matter your fitness goals, don’t give up on nutritious food. Ensure a well-balanced diet even if you’re struggling with weight loss or gain issues.
  • Have acidic drinks in one go without swishing, swirling or holding it in your mouth. Additionally, use a straw when having acidic drinks in order to avoid long contact with the teeth.
  • Do not rush to brush immediately after drinking or eating acidic foods. This gives your teeth time to replenish minerals after the acid softens the enamel surface.
  • Try chewing sugar-free gums after having your meals. This helps produce more saliva in your mouth, which in turn neutralises acidity and restores the natural balance.

In addition, consuming natural alternative like cheese, milk and water, using a soft bristle brush with fluoride toothpaste are some other helpful ways to keep erosion in control.

Dental erosion doesn’t always need to be treated medically. With a few effective prevention steps and expert dental advice at your fingertips, one can prevent erosion effects from developing and your oral health from deteriorating. Furthermore, be in touch with a certified 24 hour dentist to help in case of dental emergencies as well as with regular dental check-ups.


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