You Never Know When You May Need To Call An Emergency Dentist!!

A dental emergency like a knocked-out tooth or bleeding gums must be addressed only by a dentist. If it’s an odd hour and the pain is unbearable even after taking pain killers, then prompt medical attention is required in order to save a tooth, or to prevent the infection to spread further. In such cases, one must follow the instructions below, before placing an appointment with the emergency dentist:

  • Clean the mouth thoroughly by gently rinsing with warm water
  • In case of a tooth fracture, use ice pack on that area to avoid the swelling
  • Take acetaminophen and use it as per the directions
  • Remember, not to apply pain killer lotions to the infected or damaged area as it might damage the tissues

Know The Dental Emergencies To Avoid Further Complications:

Injuries like punctured wounds and lacerations are considered to be a tissue related problem, and of course a dental emergency. Also, address the issues like bleeding, severe pain, accidental injuries, swelling or knots in the gums to your dentist.

Remember to describe the exact problem to him/her if you feel any kind of irritation while eating sweet things or drinking something cold. Having pain quite often while chewing and biting something? Well, you are probably having an abscessed tooth.

In all such cases, you must arrange the contact details of the local emergency dentists from the internet or any telephonic service and get it treated as soon as possible!

Emergency dentist

How to Stay Prepared For a Dental Emergency?

  • Maintaining oral hygiene
  • Wearing helmet and mouth guard while playing rough sports like Rugby, cricket, or football as injuries might occur anytime
  • Go for a regular dental check-up before going on a tour
  • Also, for the worst case scenario one should be prepared with:
    • A dental first aid kit, having a small container with lid, Gauze, handkerchief
    • And of course the telephone number of an emergency dentist in Sydney.

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