Take preventive measures to avoid tooth pain

The pain caused by a toothache is considered to be one of most notorious of its type, which may have caused by dental decay, plaque, gum disease or an injury/loss of tooth. You do think about getting it treated as soon as possible, but a busy timetable delays the dentist appointment. Sometimes, even if you manage to take out some time, waiting in long queues or getting an appointment after a week or so, leads to an unbearable tooth pain and the situation gets worse. As a precautionary measure, it’s better to schedule regular dentist visits and increase your knowledge on this subject which may be related to its symptoms, causes and treatment.

Here are few precautionary measures you must adopt to avoid these common dental complications:

  • Gum Diseases- Gingivitis and Periodontitis are the main cause of tooth loss in elderly people, regular check-ups and brushing of teeth twice a day may prevent the infection to spread.
  • Dental Abscess- Use of medicinal drugs like Ibuprofen/Paracetamol and warm rinses with water are pretty helpful in draining out the puss. In case of intolerable teeth pain, contact an Emergency dentist.
  • Cavity- Regular brushing of teeth and maintaining oral hygiene has to be followed in order to avoid the bacterial infection. If worsened, consult your dentist ASAP!
  • Mouth Sores- Usually the canker sores are healed over a period of time, although experts do suggest a number of treatments for its cure.
  • Tooth Sensitivity- Make use of fluoride toothpaste, if your teeth are sensitive towards temperature (hot and cold) and taste (sweet, sour etc.)

These complications are also a reason for bad breath, and using mouthwash will only eliminate the smell for a short duration of time, but that isn’t a permanent cure. Although, majority of dental problems can be taken care by regular brushing of teeth, flossing and dental clean-up, but it’s also important to keep the contact details of an Emergency dentist handy in case of any Dental Emergency.


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