Don’t Live With Dental Problems; Get Them Treated by An Emergency Dentist!

Periodontal irritations may strike at any time of the day without knocking, and unbearable pain, lack of concentration and sometimes an unpleasant sense of taste may drive you nuts. Emergency dentists can be life saviours in such conundrums.

Know your dental problems and their causes

Below are some of the common gum and teeth-related problems:







Red and swollen gums that bleed easily Smoking, aging, substance abuse, pregnancy, inadequate nutrition, hygiene etc.





Loose teeth, bad taste, spaces between teeth, swollen gums etc. Smoking, diabetes, genetics, drug abuse, hormonal change etc.
Tooth abrasion


Visible “abfraction lesions” over a period of time damaging the enamel, leaving a scooped-out area from the tooth surface Carbonated drinks, improper use of tooth jewellery
Tooth sensitivity


Toothache when exposed to sweet, sour or cold food, erosion of teeth enamel Gum disease, cracked teeth, age, teeth whitening products etc.
Broken braces Loose bands, loose braces, broken wire etc. Fidgeting, chewing sticky or hard food etc.
Dental trauma/injury Sensitivity to air and temperature, pain, fever, visible loss of enamel Accidents, tissue softening, crown fracture etc.
Broken crown/fillings/denture Pain, dislocation, bleeding Rough usage, biting hard substance, accident
Abscessed tooth Throbbing pain, salty taste, fever etc. Infection, food particles stuck in cavity
Cavity Tooth pain, visible hole in the tooth Lactobacillus acidophilus bacteria inside the cavity pit, plaque formation etc.

Do not avoid the issue

Some people avoid dental complications and find ways to procrastinate, hoping that these might get treated on their own. Just so you know, avoiding might lead to further irregularities like jaw pain, swelling of gums and calculus (tartar). Regular dental visits and the tips to maintain healthy teeth and gums may prevent these complications. However, if you are already suffering from dental problems, consulting an emergency dentist is highly recommended, especially during the wee hours.