3 Emergencies for Which You Must Visit a 24-Hour Dentist (And Draw the Line)

If you thought cost was the only thing that made people delay seeing a dentist, think again. There are many who try out home remedies, only to (unknowingly) make the matters worse for there are situations that actually call for an emergency treatment.

1) Whether you just met with an accident or fell down the stairs, whatever may be the reason, if you have a knocked out tooth, you must seek 24 hour dental services right away. A delay can hamper the prospects of successful replanting. If you wish to clean the tooth with milk or water, you can, but make sure you still go and see the dentist within 30 minutes.

2) When an object gets wedged between your teeth, it’s better if you visit the nearest emergency dentist, even if it’s late at night. That’s because if you try doing anything on your own, say, use dental floss to remove the object, things may get out of hand. In this case for example, you may end up cutting your gums.

3) If you wear braces or retainers, either of these could be an alarming situation for you:

  • A wire may get stuck in the cheek, tongue or gum tissue for that matter
  • The appliance may get broken

You may have been told that soft wax or cotton balls can come in handy, but the truth is that they work for the time being and that too only when there is a mild irritation, probably caused by the wire. A broken appliance or an embedded wire – definitely not something that you should try and fix at home; find a 24-hour dentist in Sydney ASAP.


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